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Hi there! I am so excited for you to have found my little corner of the internet. My name is Kate and I am a 26-year-old wife and new mom, currently making my home in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC with my dear husband and our 1 year old son, Ezra. I am a full-blood city girl born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, although recently transplanted to Raleigh, North Carolina! I love reading, writing, and spending time finding this city's hidden gems, perusing local shops, cafes, coffee shops and more. Above all, I am passionate about my newfound role as a mom, and have a desire to meet, grow with, and foster genuine community among other new moms who are trying to navigate the mountains and valleys of parenthood.

Everyday Kate is a motherhood, lifestyle & food blog geared towards millennial moms who are looking for advice, tips & tricks, new recipes, or budget-friendly DIYs - basically anything that can make their life easier - and who want a friend to walk through it all with! When I became a mom, there were so many unknowns and very few people in my immediate circle to empathize with. What I hope to achieve with Everyday Kate is to create a community and a place where me & my my fellow young moms can grow stronger, learn, create, and become better moms and wives - together.

I enjoy covering multiple topics on the blog, but my overall goal is to provide helpful advice and resources for new moms such as mother-baby must-haves, time-saving tips, recipes, meal planning resources, seasonal gift guides and DIY ideas, and more. If there's something you'd like to read about or see on the blog, feel free to use the form within the "Contact" tab on the home page - I LOVE hearing new ideas, and the purpose of this blog is to benefit YOU (the readers) - so your opinions & suggestions are always welcome!

Last but not least, I believe in balance; I am dedicated to a life of 80% health and wholesome living and 20% boxed mac-and-cheese and laying on the couch. I always keep it real, and I love meeting new people and learning new things! Leave a comment, shoot me an e-mail - let's chat!

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