3 Alternative Easter Traditions To Start With Your Kids

I can't be the only person hesitant to put together an Easter basket for my 2 year old. Somewhere in the midst of packing up and moving 3 times in 6 months, I realized that I might lose my mind if we accumulate one more "toy" in the name of ceremony. Call me a "mean mom", but there's nothing magical about watching my son tear apart a basket of dollar-store items - or better yet, expensive items - only to forget about them 2 seconds later and go back to playing with a pack of highlighters he found on my bedside table. I know it looks great on social media (doesn't everything these days?) coordinating baskets and all, but I cannot be the only parent who just doesn't see a reason to give gifts for every single holiday year-round. He's got enough stuff he doesn't need...someone back me up on this?

I understand the tradition, and whether you're religious or not, I don't see anything wrong with it as a whole. In fact, my sister and I were raised in a Christian household, and we always received an Easter basket growing up. Easter morning consisted of finding our hidden baskets, followed by a trip to church, it was just what we expected. But now as a parent myself, I realized that I would rather fill the place of the Easter basket with a tradition more meaningful. As a Christian, it's important to us to teach Ezra why we celebrate Easter - it's OK to have fun with it, but for my own sanity, I think I'm going to leave out the gifts. If you're like me and you want to do the same, here are 3 easy ideas for something ELSE to do to celebrate Easter.

The Easter Story Egg - this is the one we've chosen for our family, and I was so excited to find this on Amazon during my search. Similar to the Resurrection Eggs, each nesting egg has a design painted on it that corresponds with a specific part of the biblical Easter story. As you open each nesting egg, you can read along with the Easter Story book (or read straight from the Bible). For Ezra, I think we are going to incorporate this nesting egg into an egg hunt. We are going to hide plastic eggs around the house along with the big wooden egg. Finding it will be part of the fun, and then once he finds it, we can go right into the Easter story!

Easter Story Egg Everyday Kate Blog

Resurrection Egg Hunt - Hide eggs around your home or yard that contain the elements of Resurrection Eggs. Once they find them all, take turns opening them and go through the story. As the years go on and the kids learn the story, give them each a chance to tell part of it as they open the eggs. Here's a fun set I found on Amazon!
Resurrection Eggs Amazon | Everyday Kate Blog

If you aren't religious, another fun option is to put together an Easter tree, similar to a Christmas Tree. This blog has instructions for how to make your own. You could put one ornament on each day of April leading up to Easter. You could treat it similar to an "advent" calendar - each day the kids could put an ornament on, and maybe have one task to do that day, whether it be an act of kindness, serving another person or just an encouraging word for the day. You don't need to wait until November to be thankful! 😉

There is still time to purchase or put together any of the above, or come up with your own! Are you and your family going the Easter basket route, or trying something different?

3 Alternative Easter Traditions To Start With Your Kids | Everyday Kate Blog

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