Loving Lately - October 2018

    Hello all! Before it gets too far into November, I wanted to make a short & sweet compilation post of things I loved in the month of October. I'd like to do this every month, so I can share with you some things I've tried, or products I've been using that I feel are worth mentioning to you!

     As always, I will include a disclaimer when necessary, but unless explicitly noted, I was not compensated for this review and none of these links are affiliate. I always keep it honest with you guys - whether or not I'm an affiliate of a brand. I simply am ONLY comfortable sharing things I TRULY use and love with you!


Rose Facial Oil & Andalou Naturals '1000 Roses' Night Cream

Postpartum skin changes will always have me stumped, but I've loved using this rose oil underneath my moisturizer before bed. My skin tends to be more on the oily side on a normal day, so I was hesitant to apply more oil - BUT! This oil is extremely light and has soothing properties that make my skin look and feel replenished in the morning. If I do have any blemishes or redness, this oil helps calm them down overnight. I love topping the oil with the Avalon Organics Rose Night Cream, a thick, nighttime moisturizer. I think that both of these rose-infused products work together in balancing and rejuvenating my sensitive skin.

Read Scripture App

A friend of ours recently told us about the Read Scripture app - we've just started reading through the whole Bible together (we're still in Genesis), but the structure of this particular plan is very helpful and easy to follow. What I especially love about this app is that it includes expertly animated videos that summarize what's going on, and help you make connections - which is so important when reading scripture, because everything connects! It can be tedious reading through genealogies and such, but the videos included with each section help you to retain the most important information, and understand how each element of the story is significant. I highly recommend this if you're trying and/or struggling to get through the Bible on your own.


Image via IMDb
Haunting of Hill House - Netflix

We were OBSESSED with this show for the month of October! I had seen it advertised on Netflix and overlooked it at first - until I was in the mood to watch something spooky, and I turned it on figuring I'd see what it was all about. There are 10 episodes in the series and we finished it in about a week. Although November and December aren't typically the time of year for chilling ghost stories & suspense, I highly recommend this show. It is SO much more than typical jump-scares and a haunted house, but instead you find yourself entirely wrapped up in the characters lives, emotions, and even their trauma. I may or may not have cried at the end, haha...it's an emotional rollercoaster and SO worth the watch!

Image via IGN
Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime

This is another show we loved - it took us a little bit longer to finish because we got distracted by Haunting of Hill House, ha! As fans of the American version of The Office, it was funny at first to see quirky Jim with lots of facial hair, government job and a sophisticated air about him, but we grew to LOVE his character and the suspense and fast-paced action of the series. It was definitely one of those shows you want to binge, and we can't wait for the next season.


Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe

I've been meaning to get a blog post up, highlighting this amazing soup recipe, but of course I haven't gotten there yet haha. BUT I wanted to share about it here because it was probably my most favorite food of October. Inspired by a roasted cauliflower chowder recipe that a friend shared with me, I did a bit of tweaking and came up with a broccoli cheddar version is PERFECT for chilly, fall evenings. I love it because the ingredients are all so simple and it can be made on the stove or in the Instant Pot. Recipe coming soon!


One thing you'll most likely learn about me (if you haven't figured it out already) is that I have a thing for trying new things, specifically crafts and DIY. I can't even tell you how many things I've attempted in my life, from crocheting to sewing, drawing, cross-stitch, refurbishing furniture, handmade gifts - you name it, I've probably tried it at least once. So, having experimented in so many venues, it's only once in a blue moon that something sticks and I actually start getting the hang of it. In October, that "something" was embroidery. I've actually been doing embroidery for a few months now, on and off, but I did a whole lot more of it this month. I actually made two projects for two different friends, as well as starting a larger piece (purpose still unknown, HA!). I don't really know exactly what I'm doing, I kinda just learn as I go. I don't really know the best way to do a stencil, or many different types of stitches, but I kinda just start and figure it out along the way. As expected, I already have a new thing I'm trying this month (November) so I guess that'll be in the next post, hahaha.


I feel like I've mentioned Molly Stillman so many times on social media already, we've only met once but I feel like we're close, personal friends sometimes, ya know? She taught a blogging class I attended earlier in October and ever since then, she has enriched my life in SO many more ways! She has the sweetest personality, a great sense of humor, a passion for ethical businesses and products and is a killer blogger and business woman. I've been loving her podcast Business With Purpose, and getting to hear from so many different business-people and their passions, stories, and purpose behind their businesses. It's inspiring and informational, and makes me all the more excited to be sharing small businesses with you here on the blog too! If you're a big dreamer and own your own business, ever wanted to start one, or are just curious to learn more about the people behind the business, definitely check out this podcast!

That's all for today! What are some things YOU loved in the month of October?

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