10 Unique Advent Calendars To Do With Your Kids (No Candy!)

     I'm SO excited for today's post, partially because I love the Christmas season, but also because I have such fond childhood memories of my sister and I taking turns opening the doors on our advent calendar. We were OBSESSED with Playmobil growing up, and for a few years my Mom got us the Playmobil advent calendar - one year it was Santa's workshop, and the next year it was a Nativity scene. We always looked forward to opening up the little door and gaining a new piece every day. Advent was started as a sacred tradition of reverence and reflection on Christ's coming to Earth as a baby, and the true meaning of Christmas. Whether you are a Christian like me or not, Advent can be a fun way to connect with your children and your family, whether you're opening a new door to reveal a fun toy or picture, part of the Nativity story, or a Scripture verse.

Loving Lately - October 2018

    Hello all! Before it gets too far into November, I wanted to make a short & sweet compilation post of things I loved in the month of October. I'd like to do this every month, so I can share with you some things I've tried, or products I've been using that I feel are worth mentioning to you!

Small Business Spotlight - The Rustic Twist

    Happy Saturday everyone! I am over-the-moon excited to bring you the very first of my Small Business Saturday series to the blog. It's not exactly a secret that I love supporting small businesses, and I couldn't be more thrilled to partner with some amazing, genuine and hardworking individuals, learn their story, and hear their heart behind their business - and on top of all that, get to share it with you! Corporate stores aren't going anywhere any time soon, but small online shops and locally owned boutiques are gaining popularity, and with good reason. Not only have they become more accessible with sites such as Pinterest and Etsy, but with unique products - many of which are hand made - they're able to offer a consumer experience that is unmatched by big, box stores. I love shopping on Etsy or through smaller online shops, knowing that I'm supporting someone's family, and helping to make their dream a reality.

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