26 Things I've Learned In 26 Years

     Happy Monday everyone! I've got a little bit of pep in my step this fine Monday, and for a good reason: today is my 26th birthday! I'm not really one to celebrate my "birthday month" as some do (especially because Ezra's birthday is this month too, and my life is all about him now, so... 😜) But really, I usually just spend the day relaxing or spending time with family and that's ALWAYS a good day, in my book. Today I wanted to share 26 lessons I've learned in the last 26 years of my life: some are serious, and some are lighthearted and have to do with food or hobbies that I've discovered I love. Life has a way of moving so fast, it's easy to get so caught up with what's happening in the moment that you forget all of the things that got you 'here' - to this moment in time - or that made you the person that you are today.
      It can be difficult to find the balance - of course you don't want to live in the past, you want and need to live in the "now" - but at the same time, it can be helpful to reflect back on past periods and seasons in your life that sharpened your character, and allowed you to come out on the other side as a changed person, in one way or another. It was somewhat difficult for me to come up with 26 of these - if I'm being honest - but as I sat here writing each one down, it was refreshing to review each lesson, no matter how trivial, and realize that all of these played some role in the woman, wife and mother that I am today. I hope by sharing these, I can encourage you to take a step back and reflect on the  many lessons you've learned in your own life - ones that have helped you overcome an obstacle, an addiction, helped you be a better friend, wife, mother, employee, helped you serve someone else, or helped you become more patient or kind. This post isn't very wordy, but I just wanted each of these 26 lessons to speak for themselves.


1. There IS such a thing as a happy ending.

2. Not all friendships last forever.

3. Not everyone will agree with me, and thats okay.

4. Motherhood is just as hard as it seems.

5. It's OK to love yourself.

6. It's OK to not be OK

7. It's OK to ask for help.

8. Complicated relationships don't last.

9. Sushi is delicious.

10. People & experiences don't always live up to expectations.

11. Kindness affects the giver and the receiver.

12. Every action has a consequence, whether good or bad.

13. Somebody else's "best" years might not be/have been YOUR best years, AND THAT'S OK.

14. It's OK to be afraid. It's not OK to let the fear consume you.

15. Cooking is my favorite hobby.

16. Hair grows back (usually, anyway)

17. People still value proper etiquette.

18. Social media is not the best reflection of real life.

19. You can be confident without being arrogant.

20. My body can carry and birth a human being.

21. Having a support system of friends and/or family is important

22. Not everyone learns the same way, some things just come naturally to some people.

23. You can fall in love more than once.

24. I am allergic to macadamia nuts...

25. Yelling is NOT the best way to deal with anger.

26. "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious..."

* * *

What's one life lesson you've learned over the course of your life? I'd love it if you'd share in the comments!

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