26 Things I've Learned In 26 Years

     Happy Monday everyone! I've got a little bit of pep in my step this fine Monday, and for a good reason: today is my 26th birthday! I'm not really one to celebrate my "birthday month" as some do (especially because Ezra's birthday is this month too, and my life is all about him now, so... 😜) But really, I usually just spend the day relaxing or spending time with family and that's ALWAYS a good day, in my book. Today I wanted to share 26 lessons I've learned in the last 26 years of my life: some are serious, and some are lighthearted and have to do with food or hobbies that I've discovered I love. Life has a way of moving so fast, it's easy to get so caught up with what's happening in the moment that you forget all of the things that got you 'here' - to this moment in time - or that made you the person that you are today.

Ezra's 1st Birthday Party Recap

    I can't believe our boy is ONE YEAR OLD!? There are a million cliché sayings about parenting and motherhood (and fatherhood), and about how time flies - but it actually really does, especially as a first-time parent. I still remember sitting on the couch holding Ezra during the first few days and weeks, feeling very unsure of myself and feeling like the difficult newborn phase and new-mom anxiety was NEVER going to end. Then somehow, before I knew it, it's already been one year - I'm more confident as a mom, the newborn phase is over, Ezra is happy, healthy, and learning something new every day. It's crazy to see and realize that so much time has passed when it really feels like a blink of an eye. Even though he won't remember his first birthday party, I still wanted to put a lot of time and effort into this party to make it as memorable and as perfect as possible, and I think we succeeded! It was an incredible afternoon spent with family and friends, and even though the heat and humidity were horrific, it was an amazing time!

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