What Me & My (Almost) 1-Year-Old Eat In A Day 6/26

    Hey everyone! Today I wanted to do a more casual post taking you through my day & showing you what Ezra and I eat during a typical day. I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for new meal ideas for Jack and I, and I'm always looking to add new things to Ezra's repertoire of foods, so I figured if any of you are in the same boat, maybe this post will give you some ideas! I plan on doing these pretty frequently, so as always, let me know if you like these type of posts.

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    I literally can NOT believe Ezra is almost 1 year old, it's insane! I feel like these last couple of months have held the most - and some of the biggest - milestones and changes in Ezra's skillset and personality. He started crawling, pulling up, waving, pointing, imitating sounds and movements, and on top of all of that - moving on from puréed foods and onto finger foods. Just to give you an idea about where we're at in terms of Ezra's feeding schedule: he is still breastfed, and he nurses about 4 times a day, first thing in the morning, before and after his afternoon nap, and at bedtime. Since he is still nursing, he only gets about two meals per day, sometimes with a snack in between. On the nights when I am at work, he gets a bottle of previously pumped milk at bedtime. He also wakes up once (occasionally twice) during the night to nurse as well. I usually try to wake up before him (between 6:30 and 7:00am) to eat my breakfast before he's up!

    Today for breakfast I'm having an everything bagel from Trader Joe's with a whole avocado and some coffee. I toasted the bagel and mixed the avocado with some salt, pepper and garlic powder. And actually, after I took this picture I decided to add some Sriracha! YUM. I love the Teeny Tiny Avocados from Trader Joe's because they are the perfect size for a bagel like this (or regular toast) and they're also the perfect size for Ezra - he'll usually eat a whole one. The coffee I am liking recently is Dunkin' Donuts brand - coffee connoisseurs please don't hate me - and my FAVORITE creamer is the So Delicious coconut milk creamer in the french vanilla flavor. So, needless to say I'm pretty basic when it comes to coffee, HA.

      Ezra woke up around 8:00am and I nursed him, so after nursing him I usually wait about an hour before giving him breakfast. Today he had a piece of peanut butter toast, applesauce with cinnamon and half of a banana. Don't let the presentation fool you - I pretty much only loaded the plate like this for the picture, haha. In fact, this super cute Skip Hop tray doesn't even fit on his high-chair tray, just because of the way the high chair is shaped, so I'm really bummed because it's so cute! The white part of the plate is removable and is microwave safe, so it makes it easy to load the plate and heat up the food, and sometimes I will just put the white plate on his tray, since it fits. Also, the spoon in this picture came with the tray as well - Ezra doesn't quite know how to use a spoon yet, but sometimes I will load the spoon and hand it to him, and he will grasp it and bring it to his mouth, a good start! It's the perfect size for his little hands. You can shop this tray and others like it here.

        Ezra has been eating a TON recently, so usually once he finishes the food I prepared for him, he will eat some of a pouch - we have been loving the Happy Baby/ Happy Tot brand! The Happy Tot pouches have more variety of combinations, and he seems to really enjoy them. I also love that it helps me give him a balanced meal. It can be difficult and time consuming to prepare enough vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. ahead of time for him, but these pouches are a great way to give him a serving of fruits or vegetables if he doesn't have those on his plate already.

        Ezra's favorite afternoon snack are these Plum Organics puffs! We also enjoy the HappyBaby brand, but my amazing mother-in-law bought us a whole bunch of these ones on Amazon, and Ezra has been LOVING them! He only has about 8 teeth right now, so he enjoys crunchy snacks like these but I don't think he's quite ready for harder cereal like Cheerios yet - so these are a great way to introduce him to some crunchy texture.

      We've also been giving Ezra a cup of water with his meal, and he loves the Nuby 360 WonderCup! I bought this on a whim several months ago because Babies R' Us didn't have the Munchkin brand 360 cups, and I was impatient, haha! So I bought this one, and for a while he wasn't quite sure how to use it, so I would just take the lid off and give him small sips from just the cup. But I gave him this one with his meals just so he could get used to holding it, and one day he sucked on the edge and realized how to get the water out - and the rest is history. If you don't have a baby store near you, you can purchase these on Amazon - there are several really cute colors and patterns! 

       My lunch on this day was leftover chili and cornbread from the night before. Also, try not to judge me about my paper-towel usage...let's just say I could possibly be single-handedly responsible for most of America's paper waste but I don't want to talk about it.....
      I added some of Ezra's quinoa to my chili for lunch as well! This is one of my favorite ways to stretch out leftovers, especially soup. Adding a grain like quinoa, brown rice or even pasta can make the meal more filling and make the base (sauce or soup) last a few more days! The cornbread was one I made out of Joanna Gaines' Magnolia cookbook, and of course its the best I've ever eaten.

       On nights that I work, like this one, I leave home around 3:00pm so I can make it in time for the staff meal provided for us - DEFINITELY a perk of working at an upscale restaurant. Usually the meal ranges from lunch leftovers to whatever the cooks decide to make, haha and it's usually good! Today I had fried chicken, a little bit of a salad and cheesy rice and veggie casserole. Not the healthiest option, but this is usually the last thing I eat until I get home around 10:00pm or so, so I can't complain. Since I was working this night, Jack fed Ezra his dinner and a bottle of pumped milk at bedtime.

      Ezra's dinner tonight was quinoa, peas and carrots! He LOVES quinoa, and it's a healthy grain option that also offers protein, and doesn't make him too constipated, so it's a 'win' all around. Extremely messy, but healthy so I think it's a good trade-off haha. My favorite way to cook harder veggies like potatoes and carrots is in the instant pot! It makes them soft enough to mash, or cut into small pieces so he can pick them up and chew easily. I cooked the carrots this way along with a sweet potato and a white potato, for 30 minutes on the "manual" setting with one cup of water. They turned out excellent - I'll definitely be doing that again!

I want to know, what are some things your toddler or baby loves to eat? How about some of your favorite meals? Sound off below!

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