My Trader Joe's Staples + 5 Quick & Easy Meal Ideas

trader joe's easy meal idea meal plan

       Today's post is all about Trader Joe's! I am surprised by how much I've grown to love Trader Joe's - I think the first time I ever went into one, I didn't really understand the concept or why everyone was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Clearly I missed the point, haha. When we moved into our house in January of last year, we moved closer to Trader Joe's and my curiosity was peaked again. Long story short, Trader Joe's has become one of my most favorite places to buy groceries; the prices are reasonable, they have lots of fresh produce and meats as well as a huge selection of pre-packaged foods, dry goods, and even household products. Today I wanted to share some of my staples with you - things I always keep on hand - as well as a few meal ideas! If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, all of these meals can be made with ingredients from other grocery stores, but these are some of my favorites to throw together from Trader Joe's that are simple and quick.

What Me & My (Almost) 1-Year-Old Eat In A Day 6/26

    Hey everyone! Today I wanted to do a more casual post taking you through my day & showing you what Ezra and I eat during a typical day. I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for new meal ideas for Jack and I, and I'm always looking to add new things to Ezra's repertoire of foods, so I figured if any of you are in the same boat, maybe this post will give you some ideas! I plan on doing these pretty frequently, so as always, let me know if you like these type of posts.

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