5 Must-Have Skincare Items for Mama & Baby

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       Today I wanted to give you guys my top FIVE skincare must-haves for mama and baby! Whether you're a mom or not, it's safe to say that all of us have some skincare staples that we swear by. Hormones are a crazy thing for women (and men!), and during pregnancy and postpartum they only get crazier. It's so important to be consistent with a good skincare regimen in order to match wits with your skin when it seems to have a mind of its own. I am lucky to have never struggled with acne or any other skin condition other than hormonal breakouts, but I still wanted to find the best possible products to combat these while I was pregnant and even during my postpartum period. Pregnancy changes every part of your body - including your skin! If you've read any other post of mine on the blog, you know that I try my best to find gentle, natural and non-toxic products to use on my own body - and I am committed to the same standard for products I use on Ezra as well!

      I have to confess a major mom-fail of mine: when Ezra was 5 weeks old, he got a nasty sunburn on one side of his face - under my own watch! I felt SO unbelievably guilty, as if I wasn't paranoid about everything already, now my tiny baby was sunburnt. If I only would have known about safe sunscreen I could have used on Ezra, I could have prevented the whole incident. Baby skin is so delicate to begin with, but I know already that Ezra inherited my fair, ultra-sensitive skin.You often hear the expression "soft as a baby's bottom", which does hold true for some, but there are also lots of babies out there who struggle with things like eczema, skin rashes and allergies. It's so important to use gentle products on baby's brand new skin, and the products I'm sharing on this list today have most definitely been favorites in our household!

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         Love Beauty & Planet Body Wash // Recently I was on the hunt for a new shower gel/body wash, so I went to Target to try and find something new that I hadn't tried before. I've never really had a ride-or-die body wash, I usually just pick up the first thing I see. I had never heard of or seen this brand before - I don't know if they're new on the scene or what - but I saw a bunch of their products on an end-cap display and it caught my eye. The scents are literally amazing, and the company itself is committed to providing products with sustainably sourced ingredients, recyclable bottles, and reducing their carbon footprint as a whole. Plus, their products are vegan and cruelty free. Uhh, count me in. I have this wash in the coconut water & mimosa flower scent, as well as the murumuru butter & rose scent. I love them both! If vegan body care is important to you, or you've just been looking for a new body wash, I definitely recommend this!

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         Coffee Scrub // I got this product in my Ipsy Bag about a month ago, and I'm pretty sure this stuff has a cult following on social media - and it's easy to see why. Like I mentioned above, I have pretty sensitive skin, so sometimes exfoliants can irritate me really easily, especially if there's fragrance or other weird stuff added. It's pretty bad, but I usually avoid using exfoliants all together in the shower! The Coffee Scrub gives me all natural exfoliation while providing my skin with vitamins and minerals. And, it smells like coffee. Win-win, in my book!

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       Derma-E Microdermabrasion Scrub // I've never gotten a facial. I've also never gotten a pedicure, which I'm pretty sure is breaking some sort of mom-code or female rite of passage. But it's the unfortunate truth. So, when I'm at home and my face needs a re-vamping, I automatically reach for this scrub (also side note: I found this at Marshalls for LESS THAN HALF the retail price, so...don't pass up that discount beauty section, girlfriend). The refreshing, citrus scent is amazing, and this brand is also 100% vegan, cruelty free, and also free of a bunch of other bad ingredients. If you know me, you know I've used Derma-E for a while now, and I don't plan on stopping!

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         Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment // If your babe has sensitive skin like mine does, you need to jump on the Tubby Todd train right now. If you follow other mom bloggers on any form of social media, you've probably seen and heard of this brand a zillion times - and for GOOD reason. They actually have a section on their webpage that lists each ingredient AND lists the product that contains that ingredient, so you never have to wonder what's going into these products. We LOVE the all-over ointment and the fact that it's multi-purpose. We've used it on Ezra's diaper rash, mild eczema, and even as an all-over body lotion before bedtime. It's so important to me to use clean products on Ezra, because his skin is still so fresh and new!

If you're interested in trying Tubby Todd, use my code and get 10% off your purchase!

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       Babyganics Bubble Bath // Babyganics is another brand I've been loving, and have used consistently over the last 7 months! We love the bubble bath as well as the foaming nighttime shampoo and body wash. The scents are gentle, and again these formulas don't contain any questionable ingredients. The bubble bath is foamy and the large bottle lasts a long time! Remember Ezra's sunburn I mentioned in the beginning of this post? I ended up buying the Babyganics mineral based sunscreen lotion to help prevent any future incidents (be sure to always consult your pediatrician before using sunscreen on a baby under 6 months)! I also love that Babyganics is so accessible - it can be ordered online through Amazon, and it can be found in several big box stores like Babies 'R' Us and Target!

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What are some of your skincare favorites for yourself and/or your kids?

  1. I remember Ezra's sunburn :( I looooove Babyganics, we used the sunscreen on vacation when Oaklyn was still was too young for most other ones!


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