Weekly Meal Plan 1/8 - 1/14

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are any of you changing your eating habits in 2018, or at least for the month of January? My husband and I are starting off with a nutritional "reset" by doing the Whole30 Program! I am a lover of whole foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and natural sweets, and I try to incorporate all of the above into the meals that I make for Jack and I on a regular basis. Although, there's always room for improvement - and for us that area is "snacking". We can be big snackers: for me, that means an afternoon pick-me-up of cheese and crackers or granola, for Jack it looks more like ice cream or M&M's (he's got definitely more of a sweet tooth than I do!)

The point of the Whole30 Program is to eliminate a few major food "groups" that could be taking a toll on your overall health, without you even realizing it. According to the program rules, you must eliminate dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, soy, added sugar, carageenan, MSG and sulfites for 30 days. If you're anything like me after reading the program rules for the first time, you're probably wondering what's left?! The purpose is consume ONLY healthy proteins, nuts, meats, vegetables and fruits, things with as few ingredients as possible, and little to NO preservatives. We started on January 1 and are currently on day 9, and I'm not going to lie - the cravings are real! It's amazing how we can consume something almost every day without even thinking (such as added sugar and grains), yet when it's eliminated from our diet, we seem to go through a "withdrawal". Although it's a challenge, I am excited for how our overall health and well-being can and will be transformed by the end of the month. If you want to read more about the Whole30 Program, you can do so here.

       Although I typically LOVE meal-planning, doing so during this program has proven to be challenging, simply because I never realized how heavily we rely on certain food groups - grains especially. We are huge consumers of bread, rice, and pasta, so coming up with dishes that eliminated these things was quite the challenge. I created the meal plan below using a few of my own recipes, and a few that I found while browsing Pinterest. All recipes are linked to their source, or are otherwise listed on the "original recipes" section of my blog. I also included a grocery list in case you'd like to follow along and replicate this meal plan for yourself! This is my first time trying to create something like this, so if you have any tips/suggestions for improvement or other things you'd like to see included in these meal plan posts, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

       A few notes about the shopping list: 
1) I didn't add pantry staples that most people have already (i.e., salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, etc.) Check out the recipes before you go and see if you are missing any of these ingredients - all the main ones are listed on the grocery list though!

2) If you ARE following this meal plan while on your Whole30 journey, remember to read your labels when it comes to purchasing certain things on the list like pico de gallo & guacamole.

3) I did purchase a few additional things from Vitacost that I did not include on the shopping list:
Arrowroot Powder
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Paleo Mayo
Primal Kitchen Paleo Greek Dressing
Organicville Organic Dijon Mustard
Vitacost Almond Butter
These things are certainly not must-have items for everyone, but I found them to be good additions to our pantry during our Whole30

DAY 8 - JAN. 8

Breakfast : Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach Omelet w/ Apple
Lunch      : Leftover Beef Stew w/ Spinach Salad (Sunday night's meal!)
Dinner      : "Spaghetti" Zoodles w/ Meat Sauce

DAY 9 - JAN. 9

Breakfast : Paleo Breakfast Casserole
Lunch      : Leftover Zoodles w/ Meat Sauce
Dinner     : Baked Salmon w/ Green Beans & Baked Potato

DAY 10 - JAN. 10

Breakfast : Paleo Breakfast Casserole
Lunch      : Leftover Salmon & Spinach Salad
Dinner     : One-Pan Roasted Italian Sausage & Veggies w/ Cauliflower "Rice"

DAY 11 - JAN. 11

Breakfast : Paleo Breakfast Casserole
Lunch      : Leftover Sausage & Veggies
Dinner     : Spinach Quiche w/ Bacon, Mushrooms and Onions

DAY 12 - JAN. 12

Breakfast : Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake
Lunch      : Leftover Spinach Quiche
Dinner     : Beef & Broccoli w/ Cauliflower "Rice"

DAY 13 - JAN. 13

Breakfast : Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake
Lunch      : Leftover Beef & Broccoli
Dinner     : Jalapeño Turkey Burgers w/ Guac

DAY 14 - JAN.14

Breakfast : Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake
Lunch      : Leftover Turkey Burgers
Dinner     : **I typically go grocery shopping on Sundays, and I usually pick up something for dinner during this trip!**


That's all for today! I plan on sharing my meal plans weekly - I hope you enjoy and get some new ideas for your own weekly meal plans! Leave some of your favorite go-to meals in the comments!

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