Weekly Meal Plan 1/15 - 1/21

         Hello everyone, I'm back with another meal plan, although this plan comes with a bit of a confession on my part. Jack and I discontinued the Whole30! UGH! Notice how I'm avoiding saying the big "Q" word? I hate being a quitter, I'm always so hard on myself when I quit something, because it feels like I failed. Can anyone relate?

Again, ugh. I really wanted to continue with the program, but I realized that I went into it having planned pretty poorly. Mainly, we were HUNGRY. And tired. And this was after the initial week-long gluten and sugar hangover at the very beginning of the program. We eat a lot as it is, but especially for me as a breastfeeding mom, I was having the most difficult time getting full and staying that way. Just to put it in perspective, the night I made zoodles, I used 2 medium-sized zucchinis and we had zero leftovers...and I could have eaten more. I'm telling you, I could have eaten two whole zucchinis. And more. Alone. And still be hungry. It was insane! And expensive. Not going to lie, some of the meals I made that were compliant were really very good, and I definitely plan on making them again. I know, I know, I hate excuses too, but I'm just trying to keep it real, here. I think the program itself it really awesome and a great way to "reset" your body and get back into healthy and mindful eating habits. I guess I just hadn't expected how much extra money I'd have to budget for groceries when I couldn't rely on my pantry staples like rice, pasta and beans. Maybe we will pick it up again one day when I can plan better for the expense - you live and learn, right?

           For those of you that have the stamina and the willpower to continue with elimination diets like the Whole30 - GOD BLESS YOU. But for real, it's no easy feat. Although we've deviated from the program, I still want to continue sharing my meal plans with you! I love meal planning, and I strive to maintain a healthy and balanced menu for Jack and I throughout the week.

        One thing I want to do more often is bake my own bread! I found the BEST and easiest recipe on Pinterest the other day, from It's Always Autumn - it's the absolute perfect recipe for someone who is inexperienced like me, or has never made bread before. Mine turned out fantastic! I definitely want to do this a few times a week.


I don't have a printable shopping list for this week - but I want to know: should I continue making them for future meal plans? Do you like having the shopping list provided? Please let me know in the comments! Or connect with me on social media and let me know your thoughts - the links are in the sidebar. Enjoy!
Jan. 15
Breakfast : 2 Eggs, Apple Chicken Sausage & Toast w/ Almond Butter & Banana
Lunch      : Tuna salad w/ Gluten-Free Crisps
Dinner     : Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

Jan. 16
Breakfast : Blueberry Smoothie (crushed ice, spinach, blueberries, dark chia seeds, cinnamon, almond butter, 1 date & coconut water)
Lunch      : Chicken burger w/ quinoa & steamed broccoli (we love Aidells brand burgers)
Dinner     : Shrimp & Snow Peas w/ Thai Red Curry Sauce Over Rice

Jan. 17
Breakfast : Greek Yogurt w/ Honey, Banana & Museli
Lunch      : Apple Chicken Sausage w/ Quinoa w/ Roasted Vegetables
Dinner     : Baked Chicken w/ Roasted Potatoes & Green Beans

Jan. 18
Breakfast : Tropical Smoothie (crushed ice, spinach, tropical fruit blend, dark chia seeds, coconut water & banana)
Lunch      : Leftover Chicken & Veggies
Dinner     : Lettuce-Wrapped Chicken Burgers w/ French Fries

Jan. 19
Breakfast : 2 Hard Boiled Eggs & Greek Yogurt w/ Honey, Banana & Museli
Lunch      : Tuna Salad w/ Gluten-Free Crisps & Apple
Dinner     : Shepherds Pie

Jan. 20
Breakfast : Blueberry Smoothie
Lunch      : Leftover Shepherds Pie
Dinner     : Baked Cod w/ Roasted Veggies

Jan. 21
* Grocery Shopping Day - I usually eat whatever we have left for breakfast & lunch *

Dinner     : Garlic Chicken Pesto Pasta

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