Marley Spoon Meal Delivery Review - Is It Worth It?

      I have had this post sitting in my drafts for like FOUR months now, and I am finally getting around to posting it! As someone who loves cooking and trying new recipes, I was excited when my wonderful mother-in-law gifted me with three free meals of Marley Spoon, Martha Stewarts' meal delivery service. This was before Christmas, and I hadn't gotten my hands on any cookbooks recently, so I was really excited to receive my box in the mail and try some new recipes!

Weekly Meal Plan 1/28 - 2/4 (+ My 3 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets)

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Last week on Instagram, I asked you all if you'd rather see weekly meal plans every week or every other week, and the overwhelming majority of you voted for every week. So, here I am again! I'm so glad you enjoy seeing and following along with my meal plan, hopefully as much as I enjoy making it. Along with this weeks plan, I wanted to share my top three kitchen gadgets that I couldn't live without.

My Favorite Gluten-Free Snacks

      Happy Wednesday friends!! Today I wanted to share some gluten-free snacks I've been loving lately. I'm not gluten-intolerant, but ever since I cut out grains during our few weeks of the Whole30, I've realized that my body just generally feels better when I'm not consuming so many grains. Don't get me wrong, I DEFINITELY still love me some pasta, but I want to try and limit my intake to once a week, or even less! My sister has been gluten intolerant for a few years now, and while it seemed impossible to find gluten-free substitutes for her in the beginning, over the last few years SO many companies and brands are creating gluten-free options for pretty much everything.

Weekly Meal Plan 1/22 - 1/28

       Happy Monday, friends! I've decided to start posting my weekly meal plans at the very start of the week - hopefully this makes it easier for some of you to follow along and get ideas for your own weekly meal plan! Before I go in-depth with this weeks plan, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite tips and tools that help me stay organized when it comes to meal planning.

5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Can Begin Today

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      What's the first thing that comes to mind when you try to define a healthy lifestyle? Is it physical fitness and regular exercise? Healthy eating habits? Maybe emotional and mental health define a healthy lifestyle for you? Regardless, sometimes when we hold our own lives up next to a picture of what we think a "healthy lifestyle" looks like, all we see is a bunch of unobtainable goals, restrictions, and limitations that - lets be honest - nobody has the time OR the energy for. As a working mom, my time during the day is extremely limited. I am definitely still growing into the role of being a "work-at-home-mom", so things like finding my routine and prioritizing things on my to-do list can be straight-up overwhelming and very frustrating at times. I feel like I'm being stretched in 8 different directions, and along with that comes the mom "guilt" for having my attention be divided all day long. Needless to say, I hardly give much thought to exercise and physical fitness. I know it SHOULD be a part of my routine, but I just cannot find adequate time for it at all during the day!

Weekly Meal Plan 1/15 - 1/21

         Hello everyone, I'm back with another meal plan, although this plan comes with a bit of a confession on my part. Jack and I discontinued the Whole30! UGH! Notice how I'm avoiding saying the big "Q" word? I hate being a quitter, I'm always so hard on myself when I quit something, because it feels like I failed. Can anyone relate?

Weekly Meal Plan 1/8 - 1/14

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are any of you changing your eating habits in 2018, or at least for the month of January? My husband and I are starting off with a nutritional "reset" by doing the Whole30 Program! I am a lover of whole foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and natural sweets, and I try to incorporate all of the above into the meals that I make for Jack and I on a regular basis. Although, there's always room for improvement - and for us that area is "snacking". We can be big snackers: for me, that means an afternoon pick-me-up of cheese and crackers or granola, for Jack it looks more like ice cream or M&M's (he's got definitely more of a sweet tooth than I do!)

THRIVE - A Promise to Myself in 2018

   Finally returning to the blogging world after what seems like forever is truly like a breathe of fresh air. It's no secret that my time management skills could use some help, and what better time to start fresh and take a step in the right direction, than a brand new year? Year after year, I've been the cliché: I made a list of resolutions, fumbled my way through the first two weeks of January, and then gave up. I even go so far as to buy myself a new planner thinking surely, THIS year, this will be the year I finally get my life in order.

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