5 Shoes You Need for Fall (That Aren't Booties!)

Is anyone else as ready for Fall as I am? For the last week, the weather in Pittsburgh has been teasing us with mid-70's temps; I've already broken out my long-sleeved shirts and hoodies and I have ZERO regrets. I don't know if it's the same where you live, but Pittsburgh summers can get SO humid and uncomfortable, I find myself avoiding going outside at all, especially with a newborn. Unless I'm at the beach, I don't care for the hotter weather. Aside from the hallmark Pumpkin Spice Latte, to me, Fall is the embodiment of warm, fuzzy feelings: snuggling up indoors with a blanket, drinking warm apple cider, laying clothes and bundling up, not to mention all of the cozy me decor, scented candles and - Jack's favorite - pumpkin picking!

     While scarves and booties are the classic staples to any cool-weather ensemble, there are a few other items on the scene that can add some chic diversity to your wardrobe as we transition into the new season. Do you already have some of these stylish additions in your closet?

1. Suede Loafer
Although they've been on the fashion scene for a while now, some people (like myself until recently) may still think of loafers as something in your grandpa's closet. BUT, in reality there are tons of cute options available for men and women, and they're not exactly your grandpa's leather slip-ons. These suede loafers come in twelve different colors and multiple textures - velvet, suede, and leather, just to name a few! I love the warmth of the "camel" color above, such a nice, neutral addition to any fall ensemble.

2. Casual Sneakers
I LOVE my Sperry Seacoast sneakers! I first saw my mother-in-law wearing these, and I loved how they didn't have typical laces; I was pregnant at the time and if you've ever been pregnant you understand ain't NOBODY got time or energy to be tying shoelaces. These were one of my favorite additions to my summer wardrobe, but I love that they can easily carry over into fall as well!

3. Classic Mule
These simple, black mules add a new dimension to the classic black flat that every woman should have in her closet. And another great feature: they slip-on! These are similar to the suede loafers at the number one spot on this list; there are three color options in suede and two in velvet! What I love about these mules is that they can be dressed up or down to accommodate any cool-weather outfit, whether you're dressing up for the day or night. 

4. Slip-On Loafer
These are the perfect cross between the classic loafer and really comfortable sneakers! It's a little hard to see in the photo above, but these silver loafers have a metallic sheen to them - and I have to say that I LOVE metallic neutrals. For someone like myself who doesn't give a whole lot of attention to accessories (I think I literally own one statement necklace...) I love that these give my outfit a little bit of pizazz (do people still say pizazz?). Anyway, these can be paired as easily with jeans and a t-shirt as they can with a cute dress or overalls!
UPDATE 2018: While the pictured shoes are not available, you can find similar ones here!

5. Ballet Flats
There are SO MANY different varieties of ballet flats, and I just couldn't go without mentioning them in this list of must-haves. Whether they're "plain Jane" like the ones above, lace-up, pointed-toe, or scalloped, the ballet flat is a wardrobe essential for any season, really. I love the warm, olive green color of the Audrey Brooke Mojito Flat shown above - am I the only one who views olive green as a neutral at this point? Seriously, this color is so versatile.
UPDATE 2018: Unfortunately the olive green isn't available as pictured - you can find this same style in black on Amazon!

* * *

What are some of your Fall wardrobe staples?

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