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I have to admit, one of my favorite things about being pregnant was decorating the nursery. Before we even knew if we were having a boy or girl, I had already planned the theme and knew exactly how I wanted it to look. I drew a lot of my inspiration browsing dreamy nurseries on Pinterest and Instagram. I loved the fresh, neutral colors and definitely wanted to create the same aesthetic in our little boy's room. We went with a Peter Rabbit theme - light grey walls with one horizontal stripe "accent wall", white crib and dresser, and a few soft, gold accents. I don't know what I'm going to do one day when he wants bright-colored walls and cartoon-character bed sheets. I guess that's what they meant when they said parenting comes with sacrifice. ;)

When we moved into our first home in January, we discovered that the previous owners left behind an old book shelf in the garage. It was an old-fashioned, composite wood shelf and honestly really boring looking. I wanted to incorporate it into our home somehow, but I knew if we did, we'd have to give it a MAJOR upgrade. Once we started putting together the nursery, I realized the shelf would be the perfect addition, and with a little paint and TLC, it really was the finishing touch.

What We Used

- Valspar All-Purpose Primer-Sealer
- Valspar Signature Interior Latex Paint, eggshell finish, in the color "Silver Dust"
- Small paint roller
- Good quality paint brush
- Gathered Brass Knob by Threshold (purchased at Target)

How We Did It

We began by cleaning the shelf to remove any dust or dirt from the surface. Since the shelf was made of that weird type of "fake wood" or composite wood, we needed to give it a coat of primer before painting. We did NOT sand it before beginning and it ended up turning out fine, but sanding furniture is always a good idea before applying your paint and primer, in order to help the paint bond better to the surface. The primer we used was Valspar All-Purpose Primer-Sealer. This specific primer is specially formulated for interior and exterior surfaces like cabinets, drywall and plaster, so it was a great choice for our shelf.

After priming, the paint we selected was Valspar Signature interior latex paint, with an eggshell finish, in the color "Silver Dust". This particular project needed about 3 coats of paint in order to hide the dark color of the wood (even with the primer). Make sure to let each coat dry completely before applying another - probably common sense, but if you're impatient like me, you might ruin your project by trying to apply wet paint on top of wet paint.

We used a mini paint roller to cover the large surfaces of the shelf, and a medium-sized paintbrush on the corners and details on the lower cabinet doors.

Once the paint was completely dried, I replaced the ancient-looking cabinet hardware with simple, gold knobs I found at Target. These were super easy to install and I really liked the pop of color they added to the shelf.

We were really happy with the finished product!! This DIY was relatively easy, and with our busy schedules, it took about two weekends to complete. It truly is the most perfect addition to the nursery, and has lots of space to store Ezra's books, toys and other keepsakes.

* * *

What do you like best about DIY? What was the last DIY project you completed? I'd love to chat with you in the comments below!


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