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      Does anyone else feel like this summer is absolutely FLYING by!? My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in June, and it's as if I blinked my eyes and now it's the middle of August. As (somewhat of) an adult with obligations, bills, and a 9-5 office job, I feel like the most enjoyable parts of summer slip through my fingers because there just aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy them. Swimming, sunbathing, bike riding, sitting out on the patio getting devoured by mosquitos (okay maybe not that last one). However, working in the city DOES have its perks - Pittsburgh always seems to have events happening all throughout the summer, sometimes even on the week days! Occasionally I'm lucky enough to escape the stuffiness of my cubicle for a while and venture outside.

     Just two weekends ago, my sister and I (follow Amy's blog here!) spent Sunday afternoon downtown at the Three Rivers Regatta, which is a recreational water festival, headquartered at Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh, spanning across the Clemente bridge and along the Allegheny river. We weren't particularly interested in the water sporting events going on, but we did have our eye set on a row of food trucks on the bridge, which is where we head to first.  

     I most DEFINITELY have a weak spot when it comes to food. I'm one of those people who is up for trying anything at least once. If you know me at all, you know I am normally a pretty health-conscious person, but if a cheeseburger, a pulled pork sandwich and homemade ice-cream are all within my line of sight at the same time? You just can't ignore that planets-and-stars-aligning kind of opportunity, you know what I mean?

        While I opted for the cheeseburger this time, when it was time for dessert we did manage to find a "healthy" option: Sticklers Ice Pop Company , a local business specializing in delicious, all-natural, small-batch popsicles. After reading the menu, I couldn't believe that there was not a line around the block for these things; the flavors extended far beyond your average "cherry" or "grape", offering selections such as Pineapple Basil, Raspberry Mint, and even an ice cream sandwich with peach ice cream and mouth is watering all over again. Raspberry Mint (our first choice)  was sold out, so we opted for the Pineapple Basil and were pleasantly surprised how delicious this unlikely flavor combination was! We couldn't have picked a better (or healthier) treat to cool ourselves down and end the day with.

     This weekend, with the Pineapple Basil popsicles only a delicious, fruity memory, I decided to try my hand at creating a recipe for a sweet and healthy treat to enjoy as I soak in the last few weeks of summer. I was inspired to try a Raspberry Mint popsicle (the only flavor that had been sold out) and I think the creation just may be a winner. Whether you're looking for a healthier way to satisfy your sugar craving, or just want to sweeten up the last few weeks of your summer vacation, this minty, fruity frozen treat is sure to do the trick. 

The handles of these popsicle molds have a built-in straw for slurping up the melted popsicle at the bottom!

     This recipe was adapted from The Charming Detroiter's recipe for Blueberry Mint Sweet Tea Popsicles (see her recipe here!). I loved her idea of creating a simple syrup to make the refreshing mint flavor really stand out, and decided to implement the same technique for this recipe! (Note: It goes without saying that this recipe is completely adjustable to fit your particular taste, such as using raw sugar, pre-made simple syrup, or sparkling soda instead of coconut water.)

So, what sweet treat has been your number-one go-to during the hot summer months? And how are you making the most of these last few, precious weeks of summer?

Xoxo, Kate

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