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       Whew! This week was full of so many ups and downs. My husband Jack and I are in the process of looking for a home and it seems as though our progress is at a stand-still. On Thursday we put in an offer for a gorgeous home in our preferred location, but after much prayer and waiting (and anxiety on my part) we received word that the sellers did not accept our offer. So, it's back to square one for us! On one hand it's disappointing to feel let down, or like we missed out on something. But on the other hand, we firmly believe that God will provide what we need, when we need it. I'm thankful that through this house-hunting process, we can have the confidence that God has something perfect prepared for us that will exceed all of our expectations!! So, we continue to look, pray, and wait.

       Our schedule has been ALL kinds of crazy this week, as we try to squeeze in some time for rest and relaxation between our work schedules and Jack's new school schedule which commenced this past Monday. One thing we WERE able to make time for, was a Sunday morning brunch at our favorite breakfast place, the Cafe on Main in Sharpsburg, PA.

         We discovered this place a few months ago when we had exhausted the city's more well-known breakfast locations such as Pamela's Diner and Deluca's, and wanted a change of scenery. Cafe on Main is a hole-in-the-wall diner with a small, cozy dining room, friendly staff, and delicious homestyle breakfast. Not to mention all items are large portions at a reasonable price. They have an extensive breakfast menu as well as daily specials advertised in the lobby. We have only ever visited on Sunday's, which is one morning they happen to offer complimentary mimosas! Pretty fancy. The breakfast menu offers a variety of favorites, such as pancakes, grits, hash browns, bacon, and a large selection of omelets - which is almost always my breakfast of choice. This particular day, I ordered the Bella and Zucchini omelet, which was stuffed full of zucchini, baby portobello mushrooms, spinach, grape tomatoes and goat cheese - a literal mouth full! 

        Cafe on Main definitely does not skimp on the portions OR on the quality of ingredients. If there was ONE single item that could keep me coming back to this restaurant, it would be their buttered ciabatta toast that comes on the side with most of the breakfast menu items. Oh. My. Word. Fresh baked, crusty, chewy, toasted-just-right, ciabatta bread smothered with just the right amount of butter - if I could eat this every day with no consequences, I so would. Pair that with a hearty omelet and a mimosa or hot cup of coffee and you're in literal breakfast heaven.

      Jack and I LOVE trying new restaurants. With our ever-changing and busy schedules, spending a weekend morning together venturing somewhere new for some good food and good conversation truly is the best medicine for a long, tiresome week. If you're ever in Pittsburgh, be sure to venture into this quiet little suburb and visit Cafe on Main - you will NOT be disappointed.

Whats your favorite way to wind down (alone, or with someone you love) after a long week?


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