Thursday, October 11, 2018

DIY Fall Floral Hoop Wreath (Video Demo!)

     Wow, I am SO excited to finally be able to bring you this super fun and *different* type of DIY post today! I had been wanting to share a DIY on the blog for a while, but I was feeling a bit of creative burnout, and unsure of what to share. I had been browsing Pinterest and Etsy recently (honestly what else is new) and came across these truly gorgeous wreaths made with a few silk flowers and an embroidery hoop. As someone forever enamored by flowers and floral arrangements of all kinds, I wanted to try my hand at creating this unique & beautiful piece of home decor. And I told myself if I was successful, I would share it on the blog! BUT, *surprise!!* this isn't your old run-of-the-mill blog post - I turned it into a full video demonstration!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall Mood board + Life Update

   Well shoot! It's been a minute, but here I am, back on the blog (I feel like I literally begin every post with that sentence, HA!) The last few months have been a whirlwind, to say the least. One minute we were visiting friends in Raleigh, North Carolina, the next minute we're moving into our apartment here. Ok, so maybe it wasn't THAT fast, but 4 months is fast, right? In terms of selling our house, packing up everything and moving to another state, it went by in an INSTANT. So, I've been a little absent from here, but I feel ready to pop back on here and keep this little blog humming along.

Monday, July 9, 2018

26 Things I've Learned In 26 Years

     Happy Monday everyone! I've got an little bit of pep in my step this fine Monday, and for a good reason: today is my 26th birthday! I'm not really one to celebrate my "birthday month" as some do (especially because Ezra's birthday is this month too, and my life is all about him now, so... 😜) But really, I usually just spend the day relaxing or spending time with family and that's ALWAYS a good day, in my book. Today I wanted to share 26 lessons I've learned in the last 26 years of my life: some are serious, and some are lighthearted and have to do with food or hobbies that I've discovered I love. Life has a way of moving so fast, it's easy to get so caught up with what's happening in the moment that you forget all of the things that got you 'here' - to this moment in time - or that made you the person that you are today.